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Call This Handy Tips on Keeping Safe and Avoiding Mishaps.

One must always look at there security not for its strong points but for its week points, after all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. People often ask me for chains and or sliding locking bars on their apartment doors in the event somebody knocks on the door so they can open it safely to answer the door. I've attended way too many jobs where the door once ajar has been kicked in and finishing up in my customers face leaving them with a fractured cheek bone, the chains today are not made like they used to be neither are the screws, made from inferior metals.
The screws are often way to short or merely screwed into the wooden molding around the door and gives way too easy. The best is a door viewer minimum 180 degrees, there are many various types ranging from $15 to full colored version like a small to screen for $150. This way your in totally security when looking through the door at who's knocking instead of when it's too late.
Thus giving you the option to open the door or not. Think smart Right Away locksmiths can help call us today Get in the habit of locking the door with your keys instead of simply turning he thumb turn and walking out the door. This will ensure you don't leave the keys inside the house.

Don't have much money but need to secure your home?.

You don't need to break the bank to stay safe, small things like install bells on your gates so when your home and Jo-Bad Guy opens your gate in the middle of the night it will make a noise this will wake your dog or even your self if your a light sleeper, wooden dowels in you window and patio door tracks work a treat but remember to cut them the full length of the door or window a bit snug for a stronger fit. You can tie a small rope to the frame side to assist in pulling it out. You can get these at any hardware store, Bunnings or Masters. Timers on your lamps inside the house making it look like somebody's home at all times. Timer on the TV is great too, most TV's have the feature built in today, the distinct blue light is very recognizable from the street. Try these handy tips and remember to stay safe.


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